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The 12 challenges of marketing in 2016

The 12 marketing challenges for the new year

About to eat the grapes, in uzink We have sat down to analyze the new challenges of marketing 2016. What does the new year hold for us? What challenges are our clients facing? How will we help them overcome them? We pass the ideas clean and share with you this list that becomes our new roadmap to follow.

12 Marketing Challenges 2016

1. “Take advantage of ecommerce opportunities”

Companies that have not yet developed a ecommerce strategy professional, they have a new opportunity in 2016. The Internet is waiting for us with unique opportunities to take our business further.

2. “Big Data: information is power”

We have to be able to convert the information we receive from our clients, through different channels, into new opportunities. Among other things, the Big Data It will allow us to build loyalty, optimize resources, know the real behavior of the user...

3. “Be more demanding in customer service”

The consumer wants an immediate response. Therefore, one of the marketing challenges for the new year is to build a customer service strategy faster, more effective and multichannel.

4. “Improve corporate commercial material”

We have to take a step forward presentation of the company, products and services so that the sales team has quality corporate material to help them sell.

5. “Carry out an internal motivation plan”

The time has come to dedicate resources to the motivation of the professionals who are part of our company. They are the great representatives of our brand and, therefore, our most valuable asset.

6. “Being closer to our customers”

The organization of events, of different kinds and dimensions, will help us to create closer relationships with our clients. We have to provide them with our knowledge to become their reference brand.

7. “Make new audiences fall in love”

The Uzink team agrees. The Search for new customers It is one of the great marketing challenges of all companies. To achieve this, we have to identify the needs and desires, work on a new customer segmentation and create an ongoing communication strategy.

8. “Test new advertising channels”

With the new year, new advertising formats also arrive, such as Branded Content or mobile advertising, more effective and profitable in the short and medium term.

9. "Innovate at the point of sale"

Consumption habits are changing. For the Uzink team, another of the great marketing challenges ahead of us is to create smart and connected physical offices and stores that offer new customer experiences.

10. “Getting to know our real market better”

In addition to intuition, companies that want to compete in 2016 must obtain, through a professional study, the reality of their market to build product strategies with guarantee.

11. “Start measuring and analyzing”

From all actions in life we ​​get learning. In marketing, this need is even greater. For this reason, many companies face the great challenge of learning to measure and analyze the results of their strategy.

12. “Optimize the marketing budget”

The last of our 2016 marketing challenges is to optimize the budget. Optimize it for distribution and schedule it in actions that guarantee a return on investment.

Where should you start? At Uzink we are prepared to face, with strategy and planning, these 12 marketing challenges for the new year. You add up? 

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