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The 3 pillars of marketing for lawyers

Pillars of Lawyer Marketing

A law firm, like any professional service, needs to have the best marketing tools adapted to its business. In Uzink, consulting experts for law firms, we wanted to bring together in this article the 3 pillars of marketing for lawyers that must be handled.

We are facing a sector that has undergone important transformations in recent times. The rules of the game have changed. Faced with increasingly high competition, it is necessary to take care of all the details and bet on innovation. Where to start?

1_ What image is your firm offering?

Your business is in a highly competitive environment where the visual image is key. To stand out, it is essential to create a corporate image really differentiating. In the same way, it will be necessary to develop, with professionalism and without errors, all the necessary adaptations. From the visual application to the physical office space, the graphic production of printed material or the corporate marketing necessary on a daily basis.

2_ How is your office positioned on the Internet?

Have a good positioning on the Internet It is another of the marketing keys for lawyers. To stand out in the great chandelier will require more than just a websites. It will be necessary to detect the best image, messages and places to position the law firm and make it attractive at the click of a button. The Internet is in constant transformation. The online marketing strategy of a law firm too: searching in each portal, social network or communication medium for the opportunity to do something different.

3_ Are you building positive relationships?

Customer loyalty and recommendation It is the most desired objective for any law firm. To achieve this, it will be necessary to consider a strategy that allows building positive relationships and that includes different initiatives:

  • Development and maintenance of a segmented database.
  • Sending periodic communications that add value.
  • Realization of differential events that connect with the sensitivity of our clients.
  • Create new meeting and souvenir points different from those carried out by the sector.

Want to know more?

At Uzink, experts in industry marketing for law firms, we understand the reality of the industry. From the problems of international firms to the specific needs of independent firms.

If you need to know better how we can help you stand out, we invite you to contact our consultants marketing experts for lawyers.

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