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The 6 recommended marketing books by Uzink. Summer has arrived!

The 6 marketing books recommended by Uzink.

Summer is a good time to take a look at our bookshelf and start those books that we always wanted to read and until now did not have time. At Uzink, experts in marketing consulting, We have come to the bookstore of our office in Madrid to bring you these 6 marketing books recommended by Uzink. Here we go with our selection of “marketing” readings!

6 recommended marketing books to carry in your suitcase

Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands – Kevin Roberts

Brands need love too. Or, at least, that's what Kevin Roberts tells us, who believes that the key lies in creating products and experiences that are capable of building emotional bonds with consumers.

Advertiser's confessions –David Ogilvy

A basic book for advertising lovers where Ogilvy, father of modern advertising, reviews his life. His story is a mixture of lessons on advertising, business and self-improvement, always with his obsession as a maxim: advertising that sells.

The purple cow: Differentiate yourself to transform your business –Seth Godin

Times change and, with them, the rules of marketing. This is reflected in his book by this marketing guru who offers a new point of view based on offering something extraordinary, differentiating it and getting people to notice him.

Don't think of an elephant: Language and political debate – George Lackoff

If you are passionate about political marketing, this is your book for this summer. Through research at the Rockridge Institute, Lakoff, an American researcher, reveals to us the use that American Republicans have made of speeches to activate unconscious mental structures that drive our behavior.

No logo: The power of brands –Naomi Klein

Brands also have a dark side. This Canadian investigative journalist tells us about this, trying to explain the "hatred" that some big brands arouse in the new economic and social scenario.

Contagious: How to make your products and ideas successful – Johan Berger

What makes something go viral? Johan Berger gives us the key through factors, such as emotion, practical value or history, that influence something to succeed.

This summer you have the opportunity to enjoy the exciting world of marketing thanks to these 6 recommended marketing books by Uzink. Now is your turn. Which one do you prefer?

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