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Most read marketing articles

What is most interesting in marketing? What worries companies the most? At Uzink, as expert consultants in Madrid, we share the list of the most read marketing articles this year on our marketing blog. A very useful compilation to update you on the latest trends.

Up to date! The 7 most read marketing articles on our blog.

1. The 3 most common types of brand architecture

In the Top1 of the most read marketing articles in 2019 is this little guide to discover what a monolithic, endorsement or multi-brand brand is. You will also discover practical examples.See article (opens in a new tab)»> >See article

2. Different Sponsorship Examples

It is no longer enough to place a logo as a sponsor. The ways of promoting our companies have changed and the new sponsorship methods are of interest to those responsible for marketing. What are the latest trends? View article (opens in a new tab)»>>View article

3. What is a branding consultancy?

At Uzink, branding experts, we wanted to answer a frequently asked question in this post. And it is that the need for companies to learn to manage their brands in a professional way is growing. Find out how we explain what a branding consultancy actually does. View article (opens in a new tab)»>>View article

4. Today's generations of consumers

Knowing our consumer, better than ourselves, is the key to designing any successful strategy. For this reason, this publication becomes one of the most viewed marketing articles on our website in 2019. See article (opens in a new tab)»>>See article

5. Why celebrate the company anniversary?

It may be the best excuse to design a great promotion. Or the perfect time to create an event that increases the loyalty of our customers. But before making the investment, companies want to know the reasons for organizing this type of action. In this article we explain it in detail. View article (opens in a new tab)»>>View article

6. Selection: 3 examples of brand reputation crisis

Being prepared is the best recipe for knowing how to respond to a brand crisis. With this publication we wanted to make companies aware, with real examples, of the need to prepare a crisis manual. The importance of this issue has made it one of the most read marketing articles in 2019. View article (opens in a new tab)»>>View article

7. Examples of solidarity marketing

Consumers want to be linked to charitable brands that are committed to sustainability and that, in addition to products or services, also sell values. See article. (opens in a new tab)»>>View article.

We hope that this selection of the most read marketing articles in the last year motivates you to include new important topics on your agenda. And, if you need an expert partner to walk, we invite you to contact us to continue this exciting conversation.

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