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How to prepare a marketing manual for franchises?

El Marketing Handbook for franchises should be the Bible for any business in this sector. All companies must have their own, comply with it and update it. The problem comes when we are faced with the brand of a franchise network. There is a great danger here. And it is that the brand begins to be in the hands of many franchisees and, in turn, is treated by dozens of suppliers. The first step to ensure success starts from the beginning. From Uzink, marketing experts, we give you the keys to prepare a marketing manual for franchises and get it done. We explain everything you need to know about the franchise marketing manual.

How should be the marketing manual for franchises?

Complete and concise. The marketing manual for franchises must be considered with the aim of being understood by all the agents involved. For this reason, from Uzink, we recommend that they be explained uses and versions of the logo, corporate colors, valid fonts for printing, online and system, applications not allowed...

Likewise, a franchise marketing manual must be accompanied by all permitted branding applications. This document must contain design of corporate stationery, uniforms, vehicles, points of sale...

But there is more. Just as important as design is quality. For this reason, the franchise marketing manual It must include technical specifications of: weights and types of paper, fabrics, materials... Likewise, in many cases, a reference to authorized suppliers for the production of certain parts can be included.

Printed and online version

The corporate brand manual is normally associated with a dossier in A4 format designed to be printed. However, today it is recommended the creation of a website, protected with username and password, where all the aspects of the manual broken down into a menu are collected. The user will be able consult all corporate aspects, access updated content and download resources and audiovisual material, among other utilities.

Franchisee Training

A franchisee does not have to be a branding expert. That's why, it is essential to receive the new entrepreneur with specific training so that they know how to apply and use the marketing manual for franchises. If the brand undergoes any substantial change, it is advisable to update the training so that the entire team is informed and aligned with the strategic objectives of the brand.

The figure of the Brand Manager

A marketing manual for franchisees does not solve everything. As we pointed out at the beginning, the brand of a franchise passes through many hands. For this reason, from Uzink, we recommend create the figure of the Brand Manager. We are talking about an expert in branding, an absolute connoisseur of the brand. Among other responsibilities, This professional will be in charge of validating each one of the pieces where the brand appears throughout the franchise network. He will be the maximum person in charge and the figure of reference and consultation for any employer.

En uzinkAs branding experts, we help franchises in the creation and development of their brand. And, of course, to guarantee compliance, we offer the outsourced Brand Manager service. Thus, the franchise will have the peace of mind of having its brand in good hands.

More information on marketing for franchises?

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