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Influencer marketing: how to start your strategy?

More than a fashion. Influencer marketing is here to stay. They are the new stars of consumers and, without a doubt, the new allies of brands for their business strategies. In uzink, marketing consultants, we know that its importance exceeds the retail sector and also breaks the online barrier. Therefore, in this article, we will try to share keys to understand the importance of influencer marketing and how to start designing a successful strategy.

Does influencer marketing really work?

39% of companies will increase the influencer marketing budget in 2018. According to the report drawn up by an American consulting firm, this intention demonstrates the success of the strategy. 98% of those surveyed consider that the actions previously developed have been effective. The data confirms Uzink's experience. All the marketing actions designed, in collaboration with influencers, have amplified the impact and engagement with users.

Why are influencers so important in your strategy?

It is the new “word of mouth”. We know that traditionally consumers prefer to rely on the opinion of a friend or family member. Today, the highest rated recommendation is given by popular social media influencers. The fundamental difference is that they are sending a message to thousands of people, they enjoy great credibility and, in addition, they guarantee levels of participation that are practically impossible for a corporate profile. The closeness of influencer marketing is undeniable.

How much does it cost to collaborate with influencers?

Our rates of collaboration with influencers can vary considerably depending on the sector, popularity and level of hiring. We should not think that it will only be profitable if we directly hire those with the largest number of followers. Sometimes, the selection of influence profiles specialized in specific niches is more positive and allows establishing more successful links for the brand.

What should be taken into account before designing an influencer marketing strategy?

Collaboration with influencers should not be separated from business strategy global. Therefore, it will be necessary to design a plan that responds to the general objectives that we wish to achieve. But there is more. From Uzink we recommend thinking in the medium term, looking for collaborations that go beyond what is strictly online and, of course, looking for formulas that allow the measurement of the return on investment.

For example, if your business operates in the city of Madrid, the ideal is to use an influencer agency in Madrid to select the best influencers for your brand. This way you will not have to worry about whether the accounts you will pay to show your product are inflated with fake followers or not if their interaction will be adequate. The influencer agency will do it for you.

For which sectors is marketing with influencers indicated?

A priori, we would say that there are no limits. At Uzink we have worked on influencer marketing strategies to law firms, hotels, transport companies and franchises. And there is no sector whose business does not escape the benefits of a good recommendation.

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