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Podemos Marketing: The Emotional Strategy

As if it were a Ferrari, the political party Podemos managed to go from 0 to 1 million votes in just 3 months in the last European elections. Its representation in the last general elections also broke records for a new political force. How did you get it? At Uzink, dedicated to brand consulting, we want to analyze the emotional marketing of Podemos. It is not our intention to enter into political programs or ideologies, but we do consider it important to bring to light the keys that have led to their success. And it is that like Ferrari, behind Podemos there is a lot of emotion very well worked.

The keys to understanding the emotional marketing of Podemos

They had a great story.

As Archimedes said: "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world". Pablo Iglesias must have thought the same with 15M. Undoubtedly, for Podemos, attributing all the values ​​and feelings of that social movement was key when creating the storytelling of their brand. They were a new party, and yet they had a shared history with thousands of people.

The magic of the circle.

The circles, present in its logo, is a way with much more meaning for we can The circles represent their form of organization with a more democratic symbolism and closer to that used by other political parties.

They managed anger and dissatisfaction.

When we talk about emotional marketing we talk about the ability of a brand to connect with the feelings of its audience. Podemos capitalized on society's anger and made it his best speech. A very well organized and coherent argument between all the party leaders.

Shapes make the difference.

Podemos wanted to represent the working class and, to achieve this, they understood that their image was decisive. That's why, the best way to not look like traditional politicians was to look like the people on the street. In fact, criticism of Pablo Iglesias shirts, bought at Alcampo, they achieved the opposite effect to that desired. In reality, they were not only attacking Pablo Iglesias, they were directly attacking the image of millions of citizens.

They controlled the media.

From the point of view of communication, Podemos was right move the political stage from Congress to television sets. In the first place, because obviously they did not yet occupy any seats. And, secondly, because it is there, in front of the television, where the voters are. But in addition to being kings of the debates, Podemos also became king of social media where he extended his political campaign 24 hours a day.

Podemos multiplied to be on television, radio and all kinds of mass media. They made their own that phrase by Oscar Wilde that said: "Speak ill of one is awful. But there is something worse: that they do not speak”.

Speeches full of tears and emotion

The very term “Podemos” includes an aspiration. Not surprisingly, during the final speeches of the decisive debate of Antena3, that of Pablo Iglesias was the only one that worked the emotion and connected with the concerns of many of his voters.

(Speech Excerpt) “The second thing I am going to ask you is to smile at the neighbors who stop evictions, to smile at Ada Colau, to smile at the self-employed and small businessmen, to smile at those who get up at six o'clock the morning to work and those who get up at six in the morning and have nowhere to go to work, smile at mothers with 15-hour days, smile at grandparents who break their backs to stretch their pension. Smile, smile that you can."

The emotional marketing of We can has achieved its goal. But his achievement is even greater. They have managed to change the rules of the game for all formations and have marked a before and after in political marketing. We are already seeing it.

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