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Children's marketing, conquering the kings of the house

Children's marketing, conquering the kings of the house

You don't have to be a marketing expert to sense the power of the little ones in the house. However, there are still many companies that do not work Child Marketing in an appropriate way to achieve one of the most important objectives: to conquer the hearts of children. In Uzink, marketing consultants, we want to share some keys to help you define more innovative and effective strategies.

How have the children changed? And the families?

This point is probably the most important if we want to develop good children's marketing. Today's children are demanding, impatient, impulsive, non-conformist and also vulnerable and sensitive to advertising. We have gone from “wish” to “want”, from “ask” to “demand”. We are facing what is known as the effect nag, that ability to get what they want based on their insistence.

But not only they have changed. Families have too. Numerous experts point out that in Spain the so-called "Little Emperor Syndrome" what happens in China. Fewer and fewer children, more feelings of guilt at not having the necessary time, more uncles and grandparents involved...

Much more than toys...

The great power of children is not only limited to direct consumption products. children's marketing must equally import a toy manufacturer, an entertainment company, or entertainment, to an automotive brand or to the food sector. Parents often make decisions based on the needs of their children. From the choice of a hotel, the purchase of a minivan or, on a day-to-day basis, the restaurant to eat with the family.

How to connect with them?

In order to steal their hearts and “mouths”, we need to answer this question: What can your company do to capture the attention of the child and the family? From here, we can update designs, develop products, complementary services, experiences and other innovative initiatives. Because children, more than any other audience, are highly susceptible to novelty.

And all this… Why?

Investing in Children's Marketing is a commitment to the present and the future. For this reason, at Uzink we invite you to continue focusing on the kings of the house. Do you want to know where to start?

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: