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Marketing for entrepreneurs… An obstacle course!

Marketing for entrepreneurs

En uzink we know marketing for entrepreneurs well. First of all, because we help many startups to launch their business projects. And, secondly, because in addition to marketing consultants, our professional team has experience in creating innovative business models. Therefore, we want to share a list with some of the problems you are going to face if you decide to make your business dream come true. And it is that, from the first day, marketing for entrepreneurs becomes a real obstacle course. Prepared?

The main obstacles of marketing for entrepreneurs.

Obstacle 1: Who is who?

You must thoroughly understand the market in which your company will operate. Who are your customers? Who is your competition? Who are your suppliers? Who are the prescribers and opinion leaders? Sometimes, especially in online projects, a market analysis basic is not enough. Therefore, if you want to overcome this first obstacle of marketing for entrepreneurs, we recommend you to un market study professional who provides you with a current x-ray and who, at the same time, brings to light new tendencies and behaviors to define a business model and competitive product positioning.

Obstacle 2: What is your difference?

Your company, your product or your service must bring something new. At Uzink we believe that we should always adequately define the differential value proposal. It can be a tangible value proposition as is often the case in technology-based projects. However, it can also be an intangible proposal, built on the basis of emotion, aspirations, lifestyle...

Obstacle 3: How are you going to function?

Most entrepreneurs focus on the quality of their product, thinking that if they do it very well, success will be guaranteed. Nevertheless, as important as a good product is the marketing strategy. What business relationship are we going to create? Which channels are most interesting? How will we present our products? How will we retain the customers we get? Innovating in the commercial approach is a key issue in marketing for entrepreneurs.

Obstacle 4: What image will your brand have?

good design for you brand and for your product it doesn't have to be just “pretty”. All aspects of your brand design (corporate identity, the packaging, websites, offices and point of sale...) must respond to the global strategy of your business. Both the visual aspect and the communication style have to be able to convey the value proposition and connect with the consumer.

Obstacle 5: How will you present your brand to the world?

Your company is a small needle in a big haystack and you have to make it gain visibility in a very short time. Marketing for entrepreneurs has a big hurdle to overcome here. Because in addition to creating a strategy over time, you have to define a good launch campaign.

Obstacle 6: What budget are you going to dedicate to it?

We leave it for last, but it could be the first big hurdle. Starting a business requires an investment. But to focus all the capital on the product and Not allocating a significant amount to marketing is probably the biggest mistake any entrepreneur can make.. If no one knows you or talks about you, no one will buy from you.

And you will reach the goal.

You have to be prepared. Marketing for entrepreneurs awaits you with many obstacles, but also with a great reward. If you bet from the beginning for a innovative strategy, well planned and executed, you will achieve the first of the goals: position your brand in the market and start selling. The business adventure, and also in marketing, will continue. But you will be more prepared.

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