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Marketing for hotels: how to create 5-star experiences.

Cover a basic need or create an unforgettable experience? At Uzink we are specialized in marketing for luxury hotels and, in this article, we want to share some keys to turn an accommodation into a place to make customers fall in love. The design, creativity and small details will make the difference.

Experience in the hotel sector

At Uzink we have a clear specialization in marketing for hotels. for years we work closely with some of the spanish luxury hotels most prominent. And, in recent times, also We help other hotels with a different category but a common denominator: the interest in offering 5-star experiences. How do we do it?

El marketing for hotels who manages to conquer

1. Guest service must be premium.

It doesn't matter how many stars your hotel has. The most important thing is that customer service is excellent. Every hotel must have a complete customer service procedure correctly implemented and a specific training plan for the first receivers and the rest of the team. This document must collect absolutely everything: rules of conduct, visitor service formulas, crisis situations, etc. At Uzink we propose a welcome manual and continuous motivation actions so that all staff share the same vision.

2. Tell what makes you different.

Many hotels have special services that do not communicate. Many others develop responsible practices and do not share it with their clients either. At Uzink we help the property to value its business. From the creation of an original communication to convey your commitment to saving energy or the design of informative elements that indicate the services available to customers. Something as simple as bike rental, with good design and communication, can become a different experience.

3. Become much more social.

Create unforgettable experiences It is the desired thing when we talk about marketing for hotels. However, we must take the goal further and get our customers to share their happiness through all possible means. Word of mouth continues to work. But social networks rule. Nowadays hotels have to invite their clients to share their visits. How? Turning the hotel into a corner instagrameable. We use this expression because it explains very well what we want: to create corners that, due to their beauty or originality, are worthy of sharing.

At Uzink we are truly passionate about marketing for hotels. And we face each project creating strategies with the 5 senses. How to surprise by sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch? When we answer this question we begin to create places to fall in love.

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