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Marketing for hotels in low season: how to act?

And now that? After the summer season, many hotels are wondering how to act to maintain their business activity in the slower months of the year. At Uzink, experts in the sector, we share keys to marketing for hotels in low season. Easy and quick to start up. Shall we start?

How to act? Marketing tips for hotels in low season

1. Improve your hotel's presence on the Internet

We know. During the high season there is not enough time or human resources to improve the presence of your hotel on the Internet. Now is the time to review this to-do list:

  • Review and update of the corporate website and reservation platform.
  • Social media strategy update.
  • Analysis and review of mentions and comments.
  • Measurement of results in third-party platforms.

2. Invent a special attraction for your hotel

Of course, we are convinced that your hotel can be attractive in low season. You have to analyze what opportunities exist and how they can be communicated to increase the number of reservations.

Where can the promotional key be?

  • Create your own events and special activities.
  • Establish alliances with other tourist services in the area (gastronomy, sports, culture...).
  • Specialization for specific audiences (seniors, couples, millennials, tourists with pets…).

3. Boost a loyalty program

Your database is a great tool for the off season. So use it for communicate special offers and promotions for those customers who have already trusted your hotel. And do it also by presenting the attractions of your destination at another time of year.

4. Partner with influencers: influencer marketing for hotels

Most of the young (and not so young) choose their vacation destinations inspired by the content that appears on social media. A good marketing strategy for hotels in low season is manage invitations and agreements with bloggers and instagrammers. Influencer marketing for hotels continues to grow. Make sure you have your hotel prepared, both in design and services, so that it looks in the photograph. And don't hesitate! It will be an investment that, well planned, will offer you a clear return on investment.

In short, there are many marketing actions for hotels in low season. Shall we get to work? At Uzink we help you to make your business grow every month of the year.

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: