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4 lessons to learn from Donald Trump's political marketing

4 lessons to learn from Trump's marketing

Can we learn something good from Trump? Seems that if. And whether we like it or not, Donald Trump has become president of the United States thanks to an electoral campaign in which he managed to convince more than 60 million people. How did he do it? In uzink, experts in strategic consulting, we share 4 lessons we can learn from Donald Trump's political marketing.

Strengths of Donald Trump's political marketing

Excellent use of analysis tools

Several experts, such as the psychologist Michal Kosinski, have determined that Trump's victory was largely due to the extraordinary use he made of the Big Data. These data, extracted mainly from the user behavior online, served Trump to identify the interests and tastes of Americans and thus adapt his campaign to conquer them. This also allowed him to mobilize a silent majority that he avoided giving his opinion in public but did so through the Internet.

A determined commitment to social networks

Knowing his audience allowed him to create a communication strategy where social networks were key. From the first moment, Donald Trump was (and continues to be) present with active profiles in Twitter y Facebook, and, in addition, uses them as main channels of political communication. It is important to note that social networks also served to weaken her opponent Hillary Clinton, who curiously invested more money than Trump in her online strategy.

a good slogan

This is “Make America Great Again” (Make America Great Again). It is a simple phrase, sonorous, easy to remember and with a great emotional component. In addition, its direct reference to the past with the word "again" makes it an even more powerful slogan that appeals to that nostalgic feeling by the past of many of its voters. From there, Trump just needed to repeat it over and over again...

A differentiating speech against the competition

Language has been another key to Donald Trump's political marketing. Bold, direct and politically incorrect, knew how to conquer a good part of Americans, paradoxically the working class, who were against the "establishment" and saw more of the same in Hillary Clinton's political option. And she did it by working on the content, the forms and even the scenery of her speeches.


We can learn a lot from the political marketing of Donald Trump. Because although the result is not shared, he knew how to innovate in the double management of emotion and data.

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