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Brand Architecture: The 3 Most Common Types

Brand Architecture: The 3 Most Common Types

    Brand architecture is the way to organize and present the different brands of a company to the market. As companies grow, brand management becomes more complex. New companies, new services, new products... It's coming...
Sell ​​on the Internet

Sell ​​on the Internet

What you need to know to sell on the Internet (and that nobody tells you) Selling on the Internet is the present, the future and, for many businesses, the guarantee of survival. It's true. However, many lies have also been written. At Uzink we know this because we have helped...
The power of nostalgia in branding

The power of nostalgia in branding

Any time passed was better? When we look back our brain applies a great positive filter creating almost perfect memories. An emotion that, as various psychologists and studies assure, makes us much more empathic and social beings. By...