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Acquisition of new clients

Acquisition of new clients

Recruitment of new clients To overcome, with flying colors, the great pending subject of your company. Attracting new clients: You can have the best product, the best service, the best professional team... You can have everything to succeed, but if you don't have...
Sell ​​on the Internet

Sell ​​on the Internet

What you need to know to sell on the Internet (and that nobody tells you) Selling on the Internet is the present, the future and, for many businesses, the guarantee of survival. It's true. However, many lies have also been written. At Uzink we know this because we have helped...
Outsourcing company

Outsourcing company

If you are looking for a marketing services outsourcing company, Uzink is your solution. For many companies, it is much more profitable and efficient to delegate this service to a third party and save the fixed cost of maintaining this department within their...