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Corporate merchandising: Examples of merchandising

Corporate merchandising, company gift, promotional gift… We may be before one of the oldest trading techniques on the planet. However, we are also facing one of the tools with the most potential to increase the notoriety of brand and connect with the target audience. In uzink, connoisseurs of the importance of corporate merchandising, we want to analyze in this article advantages, uses and practical examples to show his great power.

What did you feel when they gave you...?

The best way to illustrate the potential of corporate merchandising is to invite you to honestly answer these questions. What did you feel when you took the pen from that hotels? Or the umbrella that was given to you when making a purchase? Or the beach towel that accompanied you throughout the summer?

Advantages of corporate merchandising

Corporate merchandising allows you to include your brand, through a logo or special creativity, in a high-value product perceived by your target audience. What are you getting?

  • Surprise with a gift and generate a different experience.
  • Retain customers with a product personalized that they can use for days, weeks or months.
  • Increase brand awareness thanks to the exposure of the gift to third parties.
  • Communicating brand values when choosing gifts linked to a specific theme such as sports, cooking, business or lifestyle.

Infinite possibilities for corporate gifts

The uses of merchandising in marketing are very broad, although we could divide it into 3 large areas:

  • Mark. Customization of office material aimed at generating brand image.
  • Events. Corporate material and gifts for organizing events, taking maximum care of every detail.
  • Promotions Brand gifts for marketing campaigns aimed at rewarding sales, increasing loyalty or attracting new customers.

Examples of corporate merchandising.

At Uzink we have a large catalog of corporate merchandising in which our customers can choose from more than 3.000 references.

  • The classics that never fail: pens, notebooks, briefcases and textiles, bags, keyrings, USB flash drives...
  • New arrivals: virtual reality glasses, smartwatches, wireless chargers, power banks, bluetooth speakers...
  • The seasonal ones: towels, hats and beach games or raincoats and umbrellas for winter.
  • Those related to lifestyle: linked to cooking, DIY, sports or personal care.
  • The children: school supplies, mugs, sketchbooks, stuffed animals, toys...

Corporate merchandising gives us, never better said, a universe of possibilities. For this reason, we invite you to consult our large catalog of products and request a tailor-made budget for office supplies and gifts for events and promotions. Ready to surprise?

> Download corporate merchandising catalogue. More than 3000 ideas with different price range.

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