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Multiply online sales at Christmas? Tricks to get it

Multiply sales online Christmas

Good ecommerce strategy is the fundamental pillar for sell on the Internet. However, when we face the last months of the year, it is necessary to have practical tricks to achieve the goal. We talk about techniques, tools and promotions that will help us multiply online sales at Christmas and present our products and services in a really attractive way. Ready to take note? Here are some tips that uzink we put into practice with many of our clients ecommerce.

Before Christmas…

Don't forget to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. These are two appointments that have become a "must" in the commercial calendar of any company that sells on the Internet. To join, show off good discounts and communicate it in an original way through your social channels.

Effective tricks to multiply online sales at Christmas.

1. Christmas creativity. Customize the design and messages on your corporate website and social networks with a Christmas and emotional aesthetic according to your brand image.

2. Create special packs for Christmas. Christmas buying behavior is different. The client buys to surprise and looks for special packs with a good presentation.

3. Speed ​​up shipping times. When Christmas arrives, as in other commercial events of the year, the delivery time is decisive. Remember that the giant Amazon It only takes a few hours to deliver your products to any corner of the world.

4. Improve customer service. A good service, with an agile response, is essential every day of the year. However, with the rush of Christmas shopping, the guarantee of having a person on the other side of the screen is a key issue.

5. Facilitate exchanges and returns. It is still one of the reasons that stop buying on the Internet. So, if you want to multiply online sales at Christmas, study the formula to fulfill this promise.

6. Content, content, content… Write original content for the blog: buying guides, selection of favorite products, the best gift ideas for a mother, the perfect gift for your partner... Don't skimp on visual content by creating quality photos and videos.

7. Communicate better than ever. Your database is your great treasure. Design and segment original campaigns to attract your existing customers and contacts.

8. Reach new audiences. In addition to advertising investment in social networks, profitable in practically all cases, you can also help yourself with special contests and raffles that help you increase brand awareness on the Internet.

Here are some essential tips. You can put them into practice on your own or have the professional advice of a company specialized in ecommerce. If so, at Uzink we give you 1 hour of our time so you can discover how you can multiply online sales at Christmas and throughout the year. You are ready?

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: