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Mystery shopping for franchises: your brand under control

Have you heard about Mystery Shopping? As franchise marketing consultants, at Uzink we share the keys to supervising that franchisees comply with corporate elements at the point of sale and maintain business standards. There are many internal communication, motivation and training techniques that we develop for our clients. However, in this article we want to focus on the mystery shopper service for franchises. What should you know?

What is mystery shopping?

Also known as mystery shopping or mystery shopping, it is a technique used in marketing to assess the quality of service or customer experience in an establishment or company. It consists of hiring people, called "mystery shoppers" or "mystery customers", to act as normal customers and evaluate various aspects of the service, such as customer service, product quality, cleanliness of the premises, waiting time , among others.

It is one of the most popular business supervision techniques in the United States. In Spain it is consolidating. In fact, more and more clients are hiring us for the mystery shopping service for franchises.

Advantages for franchises

Mystery shopping allows companies to gain an unbiased and objective perspective on how customer service is being provided. It can also help identify gaps between expectations and the reality of the service offered.

This technique has numerous utilities for businesses. resort to the figure of mystery shopper (mystery shopper) has direct advantages:

  • We will collect real information about customer service at each point of sale. Through this mysterious figure, who goes unnoticed by the franchisee and their employees, we will learn how the brand, the product and the overall shopping experience are being worked on.
  • All vital points can be analyzed: product, uniformity, installation status, communication elements, marketing campaigns, customer service, etc.
  • We will get a detailed report with indicators that can be monitored over time through successive studies that show the evolution.
  • We will get important conclusions. Not only of the franchisee. We will also detect specific improvement actions that can be carried out from the plant.

How is the report for franchises of a mystery customer

Information is power. A study with a franchise mystery shopper will result in a detailed report for the company and also a specific report so that all franchisees understand the need and benefits of following the brand's directions.

As we pointed out at the beginning, at Uzink we are franchise marketing experts. A specialty that allows us to offer global services. If you are looking for mystery shopping companies or mystery shopping companies in Madrid, you have come to the right place and at Uzink we can help you. From the outsourcing from the marketing department to market research with specific studies with mystery shopping. You want to know more?

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: