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When did Santa Claus arrive in Spain and why? Santa's brand

When did Santa Claus arrive in Spain? Why it happened? Is Santa Claus the best brand in history? It has all those ingredients of great branding. Santa Claus has an image recognized throughout the world, solid values ​​that are perpetuated every year and a great promise that has been followed by millions of people for decades. As the big day of his visit approaches, we ask ourselves: is Santa Claus the best brand in history? The team Uzink branding expert analyze it for you.

First, when did Santa Claus arrive in Spain?

Most consumer studies date the arrival of Santa Claus to Spain around the 70s. In other words, the first generations who remember receiving gifts from Santa Claus were boys and girls born in the 70s and 80s. Even so Even today, if we make the majority of Spaniards choose between Santa Claus or the Three Kings, they will choose the Three Kings, whose tradition is much more deeply rooted.

When is Santa Claus celebrated in Spain?

December 25. However, in many families, especially in the north of Spain, gifts are distributed at the classic Christmas Eve dinner on December 24.

But what is behind Santa Claus? Are we facing one of the best brands built?

Has a unique brand personality

He is a character who has a well-constructed personality. She has a definite purpose (gift to the little ones on a special date), recognized values (hope, illusion, kindness, generosity...) and, in addition, it offers an experience full of magic. If we think that Santa Claus is the best brand in history, we say so because he takes care of all the details. We know that he lives in Lapland, that he travels in a sleigh pulled by his reindeer and that, furthermore, he has the power to enter the children's house without anyone seeing him to deliver his gifts. All this story makes Santa Claus an authentic and recognizable story in all corners of the planet.

It has a universal design

Santa Claus has his own aesthetic: his long white beard, red and white suit and his particular bag for gifts. The character has an original and easy to remember design. so easy that you don't need to see it in an image or pronounce its name to recognize it. A simple red hat with a white band evokes Santa Claus. Few brands in the world can say the same. And it's not just an image. Our gift man has worked up his sound branding. Just pronounce: Ho Ho Ho!

Has a great communication plan

The lord of the beard and the belly has won over children all over the world. But before them, he has convinced his parents and, importantly, businesses around the world. It is a brand that easily coexists with others and adds value to them. For this reason, the great success of Santa Claus is that it is other companies, worldwide, that announce his arrival, enhance his image and make his liturgy endure over time.

And now it's your turn to answer... Is Santa Claus the best brand of history? Without a doubt, a great example from which we can learn to turn any brand, even personal ones, into a success.

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