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Why celebrate the company anniversary?

Why celebrate the company anniversary?

Most people enjoy celebrating their birthdays. It is a time to celebrate life, friendship, illusions, projects to be done... With brands, the same thing happens. That's why, From the Uzink blog we wanted to answer a common question that many customers ask us: Why celebrate the company anniversary? 

Reasons to celebrate the company anniversary.

In Uzink, as marketing consultants, we know that the company anniversary It's a great time to share: 

  • To highlight the values ​​that have allowed the company to fulfill years.
  • To explain the social commitment that has been maintained over time.
  • To thank the people and organizations around you.
  • To draw the great goals that you have ahead.

Celebrating the company anniversary can become one of the best image, loyalty and promotion campaigns. Now, how to do it?

Traditionally, brands have created a special version of their logo for the anniversary. A good practice that should be completed with:

– Special events for customers and suppliers.
– Meetings with the media and opinion leaders.
– Development of advertising creativity and definition of appropriate media planning.
- Website design specific for the celebration of the anniversary that centralizes the material and information of the campaign.
– Approach of possible promotional actions aimed at the end customer.

Not all company anniversaries are the same.

Each activity establishes a calendar and also a protocol. While the large distribution chains celebrate their anniversary each year with a promotional character, based on offers and raffles, other service brands do so with a certain frequency over time and have a more institutional character.

And the question is… When is the right time? Should we wait until we turn 50 or can we celebrate a 5th anniversary? Depends. As we pointed out, each company must make its own strategic decision. However, since uzink we want to reinforce that this is a great opportunity. Birthday, in the business world, well deserves a celebration.

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