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Why do business mobile apps fail?

Mobile applications for businesses can be a great success or a tremendous failure. The probability of the latter happening is greater. Un 90% of apps of brands fail in the first 6 months of life. There is more data that puts our feet on the ground. In Spain there are 27 million active users of apps that they only have installed on their smartphone an average of 18 applications. The figures do not lie. However, should we give in to discouragement and give up before trying? In Uzink, marketing consultants based in Madrid, we tell you why mobile applications for companies fail and how to avoid it.

“That it does not fulfill a need”, the first big mistake of mobile applications for companies.

The entire Uzink team agrees. Mobile applications for companies must be a means and not a goal in itself. Shall we explain? Many clients ask us for a quote to make an app. However, the question starts earlier. What do you need an app for? For this reason, before thinking about its development, we invite you to reflect on 5 key questions.

  1. What goal do we want to achieve? Mobile applications for companies can be a great tool to sell, to build loyalty, to offer a value-added service...
  2. What utility will it have for the user? Mobile applications for companies should not be in any case a replica of web content. They must provide "something" really attractive for the user to make the decision to download it, consult it and use it regularly.
  3. What image and usability will it have? The design and programming of the application is essential if we want to "enter through the eye" of a user with a great visual culture and accustomed to using high-quality apps.
  4. How will you communicate? Getting to stand out among the millions of apps available to the user is not an easy task. The launch of mobile applications for companies must be associated with a good communication plan for current customers and potential users, the sector as well as other interest groups.
  5. What will be its evolution over time? The work does not end with the publication of the app. In fact, that's where the adventure begins: analytical work, usability improvement, functionality review...

“Without strategy there is no option for success”

We started this article talking about the high level of failure of mobile applications for companies. However, we want to end it with optimism. In Uzink, marketing experts, we have developed 100% of the mobile apps for our clients after having developed a clear, sensible marketing strategy closely agreed with the company's management. And it is that understanding that mobile applications for companies are tools to achieve an end is the first step to create truly successful experiences.

At Uzink we know the mission of a mobile application company and we understand what yours will be. We can build a functional, aesthetic and working app. Do you want more information with a uzink consultant?

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