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Post Covid Is it time to sell online?

Doubts have been cleared. If something positive (let's put it that way) has left us the Covid19 crisis, it is the great opportunity of ecommerce for our businesses. In Uzink, as online marketing consultants, we have it clear. It's time to sell online! And you? If you haven't made up your mind yet, look at the numbers. During the lockdown, un 11,5% of buyers did it for the first time. But this is not all, we must also analyze the post-Covid future and how we can take advantage of our ecommerce.

The data does not lie: online sales with the Covid have skyrocketed

Many, even the most reluctant, have tried the online shopping experience during confinement. According to a study carried out by Ipsos for Samsung, 39% have bought food for the first time (or have increased their frequency). The same happens in other categories. Products for the home, personal care, cleaning, fashion, technology or even pharmacy products have also grown.

But it is not only the time to sell physical products online. The sale of services has also proven useful. Even vital. Good proof of this isl Radical growth of online training and consultation with professionals.

An isolated event or will it remain in the future? The post-Covid future

Without a doubt, there will be a before and an after. The explosion experienced during confinement has also brought to light certain aspects to monitor. Therefore, if you are clear that it is time to sell online, you will have to make sure you control aspects such as the quality of your ecommerce platform, your logistics system and your online strategy. Find the best ally to work with the trio of tools that will make your website works: SEO, SEM and ADS.

Trends in ecommerce to target: the Post Covid

If you already have it clear and you have decided that it is time to sell online, we must tell you something else: nobody said that it was easy, that it was immobile and that you did not have to always be moving forward. It is not about opening a store and letting it work. Your strategy has to be very marked by new trends. Which are? Augmented reality, ultra-personalization, chatbots or social ecommerce.

We invite you to continue this conversation with our team of consultants and design a proposal for your business. As simple as scheduling a video call. You want to talk?

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