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What should an online marketing expert know?

What should an online marketing expert know?

Having a online marketing expert It is essential for any company. Outsourcing this service is the best option for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Up there, everyone agrees. However, the question is: what should an expert in online marketing know? In uzink, marketing consultants, we share the keys to choosing the best service for your company and making the right decision.

An online marketing expert must have…

A global vision of corporate marketing

We should not settle for a technician. A good online marketer must also have extensive marketing training in order to work with a broader vision and help achieve company goals.

An excellent ability to multitask

Online marketing brings it all together. Therefore, you must have an off-road profile and master multidisciplinary knowledge: strategy, writing, design, programming, audiovisual, communication, public relations...

Previous and multisectoral experience

Having worked for other companies in the sector is important. However, hiring an online marketing expert who works for different business activities will enrich the digital strategy of the company. Thus, you will be able to extrapolate successful initiatives or correct bad practices avoiding the error for the client.

Desire to learn and innovate every day

A good online marketing expert constantly learns, is aware of the new tools available and dives in search of trends that will help him design the best online strategy for his clients.

Large doses of creativity

Standing out in the digital strategy means clearly differentiating yourself from the competition. Therefore, you have to work creatively to create different initiatives that increase reach, engagement and notoriety.

Analytical capacity

Unlike other areas of marketing, the digital world allows the effectiveness of actions to be measured down to the smallest detail. An expert in digital marketing must be able to measure, interpret the results and, of course, put this learning into practice to improve the strategy for their client.

Speed ​​and agility

Gone are the days when executing a new project online took months. Gone are also the days when replying to a client allowed deadlines that were counted in days. Today, the response, at all levels, must be much faster.

Ability to collaborate with other company departments

An expert in online marketing must know how to cooperate. Maintaining a close relationship with other departments and professionals is essential.

> We hope that after reading this article you have a much clearer idea of ​​what to ask a marketing expert for. And if you share what we say, we invite you to meet us. This list is none other than the one that guides the work of our consultants in Madrid and that they can work for your company.

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