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What is experiential marketing?

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is growing. According to a recent study, this is one of the disciplines that most economic movement has generated in 2018. The explanation is very simple. Emotion has the power to modify the purchase decision. That's why, from Uzink, marketing consultants, we want to explain what experiential marketing is and how to integrate it into your business strategy. 

Why do big companies invest in experiential marketing?

Excessive advertising noise, the multiplication of media and the constant change in the consumer profile have complicated marketing work. Not enough with invest in advertising traditional and digital media. Now it is necessary to go one step further. This is where we find experiential marketing and the great power it has to bond with our audience in a different and emotional way.

Coca-Cola, Apple, Ikea, Starbucks... Large multinationals invest in experiential marketing. It is proven that only in this way, by creating unique experiences, can they connect with their consumers and, of course, guarantee a return on investment.

However, experiential marketing isn't just for big budgets. The true potential of experiential marketing is in the original idea. In this way, a physical event, a promotion or an original action on social networks can become successful actions. And here comes the important thing… Just because we talk about experiences does not mean that we talk about initiatives that cannot be measured.

The 5 types of experiential marketing.

We could not ignore in this article explicit mention of bernd schmitt. This Columbia University professor is an authority on experiential marketing. Among his work, we would like to highlight his 5 main categories experiential marketing (which can be combined).

– Sensation Marketing. Related to the stimulation of the 5 senses.

– Marketing of Feelings. Aimed at arousing positive feelings in the public.

– Marketing of Thoughts. Appeal to intelligence to create positive experiences that solve problems.

– Performance Marketing. Relating to the body, movements, signals, behavior, lifestyle, or interaction with others.

– Relationship Marketing. Establish experiences in connection with other people or groups.

How to incorporate experiential marketing into your strategy?

We prepare to face a new year. And with it, new strategic challenges. At Uzink we offer you a professional and personalized advice to integrate experiential marketing into all key areas of your business. From small details in your brand image to notorious actions that will bring you great notoriety. Do you want to start?

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