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What is a branding consultancy?

The creation and management of a brand is much more than a name or a logo. More and more companies know this and bet on professionals who take care of the branding of your business. At Uzink, as experts in creating and managing attractive, emotional and competitive brands, we believe in the importance of branding as an essential part of companies and society. That's why we want to explain which is a branding consultant.

What does a branding consultant do?

A branding consultant works on the creation and management of brands throughout their entire career. They do this through a series of actions faithful to a set of attributes and values ​​inherent to the brand that will make the public identify it.

What services does a branding consultancy offer?

brand audit. Study the brand and its environment, such as the target audience or its competitors.
Creation of visual and verbal identity. It is responsible for giving the brand a name and creating the logo and the manual for use and integration in communication.
Internal branding. It is dedicated to turning workers into the best brand ambassadors.
Packaging and industrial design. It deals with the creation and development of the image of the products.
brand strategy. Define the brand positioning and design the strategic objectives to be coherent and competitive in the market.
brand architecture. Adapt the brand image to the new products or services that may arise from the diversification of the business activity.
brand repositioning. It deals with the evolution of the brand throughout the life of the company.

Who are the branding professionals?

In a branding consultancy you will find a list of advertising, marketing and communication professionals that will provide a global vision to the brand. Since business development experts but also creative via graphic designers, strategy consultants or professionals from internal communication.

3 keys to success of branding consultants

1. Bring coherence to the business. Through branding, a unique image will be created, recognizable and faithful to the attributes and values ​​of the brand.

2. Increase recognition with customers. A branding consultant will make your brand stand out and keep it in the minds of your audience.

3. And, of course, sell more. A good brand strategy will allow you to differentiate yourself and compete.

Do you want to know more about what a branding consultant can do for your business? We invite you to know the Uzink method.

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