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Why is Zara the most valued Spanish brand in the world?

Zara's success has been surrounded by unknowns since its inception. And it is that it is curious and admirable that a brand, with its 40th birthday, continues to be one of the international benchmarks in the world of fashion and business. Today, from the marketing blog of uzink, we wonder out loud: Why is Zara the most valued Spanish brand in the world?

Zara's success in recent headlines

Zara does not live on rents. Only in this way does she reach the best positions in all the rankings. Here are 3 headlines from the last few months.

– Zara has turned out to be, according to the last Barometer of the Image of Spain, the most valued national brand internationally.

– Zara is the only brand, together with the Santander Group, that appears in the prestigious Interbrand ranking as one of the top 100 brands worldwide.

– And, although it has recently lost a position, we can also affirm that Amancio Ortega is the fourth richest man on the planet according to the Forbes list.

But… how does he do it?

Big data, behind the success of Zara

The power of logistics

It is a reality that Zara monitors in real time what it is selling (models, sizes, colors...) in all its stores around the world. Interpreting that information allows you to move product within 48 hours.

New collection every 15 days

But the data provides more information. Are customers in a particular area buying floral prints? The creative team at this company, made up of 300 designers, already knows what type of print will work commercially in that location. Design and sales go hand in hand.

online experience

It has always seemed that Zara has fled from traditional advertising. The same case seems to lend itself to her social networks, with no conversation and very little periodicity. However, her online store is an example to look at. As Pablo Isla himself stated, her online store is like another physical store with an associated warehouse. And with this approach, they manage like no other the “desire to own” limited garments, announcing launches, repeating the same models in different looks... A strategy that evolves every day.

So… why is Zara the most valued Spanish brand in the world? The answer is as easy as it is complicated. And, at the same time, it reminds us what our priority should be. Zara always knew who she should listen to and who she should respond to: the customer.

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