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To want or not to want? The responsibility of being a lovemark

While some brands celebrate Valentine's Day! with offers and discounts, many others aspire to be a lovemark' creating emotional bonds with your customers. Beyond the complicated task of becoming a 'loved brand' by consumers, in Uzink, like brand building experts, we want unveil the responsibility of being a lovemark. This is the key for companies like apple or starbucks that behave like authentic lovemarks and consolidate this title over time.

 How should a lovemark behave?

– Offer news. A lovemark must be in constant innovation with new products, services, promotions...

- Fulfill the expectations. As much as a consumer loves a brand, if its quality worsens, customers will no longer be loyal.

– Know how to ask for forgiveness. Although a lovemark should try to be perfect, sometimes it can be wrong. Admitting the mistake and apologizing on time is commendable.

– Being a business and social example. Beyond its business, a lovemark must have a good corporate social responsibility policy.

Examples of a responsible lovemark

Focus on what they do the most successful lovemarks of the moment It will help us better understand this concept of responsibility.

Apple, the quintessential lovemark, is praised around the world for its revolutionary products. Even so, its commitment goes further and has launched an environmental policy based on reducing the impact of its activity and using renewable energy. Thus, its new headquarters in California has self-sustaining buildings and an area of ​​65.000 square meters of solar.

For its part, Starbucks, adored by his philosophy around the world of coffee, also contributes his bit socially and has shown his disagreement with Donald Trump's immigration policy. The company has recently announced a refugee recruitment program in the 75 countries in which it is present.

in another senseIkea also demonstrates his lovemark skills beyond your furniture and your concept of decoration. So every time you receive complaints about a product studies them and, if there is notable evidence of possible damage, makes them public. The latest incident has occurred with the beach chairs MYSINGSÖ. After receiving five reports of falls and crushed fingers caused by the chairs, the company has recalled them and advised customers to return them.

It takes so much effort numerous advantages that make most brands want to be a lovemark.

What are the benefits of being a lovemark?

– Feelings come into play. When it comes to buying, emotion beats reason.

– Consumers are much more loyal. They will not be easily swayed by the competition.

– The relationship is more solid and persistent. The emotional link makes the client aware of everything that happens about the brand and joins.

– Recommendations are more effective. They love them and, therefore, for them it is the best brand and they will recommend it. Even many brands are inherited from parents to children.

And after this article… Do you want to celebrate Valentine's Day in February or work on love for your brand all year long?

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