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Rebranding: what is the return on investment?

Rebranding: what is the return on investment?

Absolutely! Investment in a rebranding process has a clear return on investment. In Uzink, branding consultants, we have set out to show you that renewing the image and positioning of a brand have direct advantages in the short and medium term. Much more than a question of image. We are talking about an increase in footfall, sales, profits...

3 economic news that demonstrate the return on investment of a rebranding

If large companies continually strive to renew their image... It must be for a reason!

  • Bimba and Lola increased their sales 31% in 2016. The brand of Galician origin, in the midst of a process of international expansion, carried out a rebranding process that began with the elimination of its iconic greyhound and continued with the total renovation of the image of its stores. The numbers have proved him right.
  • Coca-cola faced its single brand strategy, unifying all the varieties of its product with red, with 1 main objective: to increase sales of its "sugar-free" soft drinks. The results? Coca-Cola has confirmed an increase in sales during the first half of 2017.
  • The repositioning of the Mercedes Benz brand is another example that illustrates that a rebranding process has a clear return on investment. From the "Something is happening in Mercedes", the company wanted to rejuvenate the profile of its buyers and increase its market share. He got it. In 2016 Mercedes-Benz unseated Audi as world leader in the premium sector.

How to measure the return on investment?

Depending on the sector of activity and the strategic objectives of each company, different measurement indicators may be defined. On the one hand, we can look tangible KPIs related to sales, influxes, visits or leads. On the other hand, they could establish intangible KPIs that we obtain by carrying out a market study: satisfaction index, brand awareness, market penetration...

When is the best time?

Although a brand must be alive and visually evolve according to the visual culture of the moment, rebranding projects are usually addressed:

  • When there is a repeated unjustified loss of sales.
  • If the company faces an expansion or merger process.
  • Because the offer changes and is addressed to new audiences.

At Uzink we have done it too. 100% of the rebranding projects we have carried out have achieved a positive return on investment. If you want to know how we can help your company, contact us. Our consultants will offer you a professional vision on how to face a rebranding process tailored to your company.

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: