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Retargeting: Examples, strategies and how to apply it

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy by which we launch messages aimed at people who have already interacted with our website or with another on the same theme.

Can you imagine it? A user browses the internet looking for a brand design in Madrid. He casually comes across our website, but he doesn't make up his mind and leaves it there. Then, and thanks to a retargeting campaign, we can bombard that user with advertising messages about something in which he has already been interested.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting or remarketing is a digital marketing technique that consists of impacting users who have previously interacted with our brand with advertising. This interaction can be through different means, such as that you have visited us on social networks, on our website or that you have opened one of our emails.

These advertising impacts can occur through different channels such as the following.

E-mail marketing

Email remarketing, also known as email retargeting, consists of sending personalized emails to users who have previously interacted with our brand to encourage them to continue the action: make the purchase, register...

The email retargeting process is the same as for all platforms. The user interacts with our brand and this is recorded in the cookies. Then we can add you to an audience or remarketing list, where are all the users who share that specific characteristic, such as having visited our website in the last 15 days. We then launch an email marketing campaign aimed exclusively at that audience.

Email retargeting allows us to improve the memory that the user has of our brand, properly select an interested audience and meet our marketing objectives with greater precision. It is therefore a very useful marketing strategy for online advertising.

The four most common tactics when it comes to email retargeting are:

  • Take the user to a landing page with a pixel installed.
  • Encourage the user to recover their abandoned cart
  • Target users who are not in our database, but who have previously interacted with our website.
  • Perform email remarketing using your CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


social media ads

Most social media advertising platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, allow us to target ads to those who have already interacted with our brand.

To make it more visual, we are going to use the example of Facebook Ads. This allows retargeting both on Facebook and Instagram. For this we only need to install a Facebook pixel on our website. In this way we will not only be able to target those who have recently visited us, but we will also be able to learn about those who already visit our website and find similar audiences.

There are other social networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter that also offer tools to carry out retargeting campaigns, although they are not as widely used as Facebook Ads.


display advertising

When the user is browsing the internet, they will see banners or advertisements of our brand with personalized messages based on the products or services for which they have previously been interested.


Examples of retargeting

Calls to action

In the ad below we can clearly see the effect of calls to action. If we create ads with direct and obvious calls to action in which the user knows exactly what he must do to do what you are promising, these will be very effective. For example, if we click on this ad we will go directly to a calendar where we can select the dates of our reservation.

call to action retargeting example


This 2021 retargeting example can work very well for you. In this case, the brand created personalized ads like this based on the radios located near each individual. The car model that each user is interested in was identified based on their recent searches, and a map with the nearest dealership that has that car available was offered.

geolocation retargeting example

Discounts and offers

The retargeting strategy that never fails. The user has already been interested in our product for the first time, but has yet to complete the action with a purchase. By offering him a discount we give him the boost he needs.


Advantages of retargeting

Retargeted users have a 150% higher engagement rate than new users from traditional campaigns. The advantages of retargeting are a fact and no one can deny that the benefits of retargeting are high. These are the main advantages of retargeting:

  1. The ad viewer is previously selected. No chance or invented predictions. One of the main advantages of retargeting is that we show our ad to people who have previously been interested in our brand or product.
  2. Targeted ads. Showing the right ad to each customer will be essential. For example, if we sell necklaces and bracelets on our website and the visitor was only interested in bracelets, we will direct this retargeting ad to show only bracelets to this user.
  3. We can control the times. It is essential to go to the user at the right time, not after. The best retargeting campaigns are those in which we show our ad to the user shortly after they visit us. That is why retargeting is an ideal technique to recover forgotten shopping carts.
  4. It does not require as much planning as conventional online advertising. We will simply limit ourselves to impacting already interested users, so we can forget about and not worry about choosing media, identifying the target, etc.

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