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Secrets of Health Branding: brands with good health

Is your brand in good health? Healthcare branding, specialized in the creation and management of brands in the sector, has many peculiarities that you should know about. From the construction of the corporate image to the definition of the communication strategy. If your company belongs to the health sector, this article interests you.

At Uzink we create and manage unique brands for companies in the health sector. All of them different, but all of them share several common elements.

What should you know about Healthcare Branding?

Types of naming in Healthcare Branding

There are two big naming typologies in healthcare branding. On the one hand, they are personal brands that explicitly include the name and/or surname of the professional who leads the company. This formula has different associated positive values ​​such as credibility, closeness and commitment. However, there are companies in the health sector in which this model does not work.

The second great typology of naming are descriptive names or names associated with the experience offered. These are unique words, with sound and message, that communicate their own activity and benefit. A couple of simple examples to visualize it are Vitaldent or Sanitas.

There are other formulas for creating a naming in healthcare branding that can be interesting, although they must always be devised based on a well-defined prior strategy.

Keys in the design of a health brand

We would like to use a term here: cleaning. If there is a sector that needs to convey an image of cleanliness and hygiene, it is undoubtedly the health sector. But, What do we mean by a clean brand? We refer to a legible brand, with soft and simple shapes and a balanced color range. There is certainly a lot of room for creativity and differentiation, but healthcare branding design has its own rules and you have to know how to control them.

How to create a brand slogan

That little phrase with the power to summarize your differential value proposition. It is not easy to create a good brand slogan, but it is essential. Our creative team, specialized in creating slogans and copys for the health sector, agrees on the same ideas.

Like any good slogan, it should be short and concise, it can be declined to offer the construction of a larger brand story and, without a doubt, it should involve the audience. A good brand slogan, when we talk about healthcare branding, must be differential. Therein lies the challenge. Find the formula that responds to the objectives set, that has not been used previously and that manages to connect.

The fundamental brand applications

A brand is present when it is applied. In healthcare branding physical applications in clinics, offices and facilities require a unique project. From the conceptualization of signage to the visual creativity that contributes to create a user journey positive.

The physical part continues to be a fundamental support today. However, in recent times, thanks to the digital health revolution, it is equally important to take care of the application of the brand to the online universe. Study how the brand will be visible on the web, mobile applications, patient communication portals or digital documents.

Communication for a health brand

When it seems that the work is practically finished, in reality the strong begins. Any company in the health sector must understand that its brand is alive and is being built every day. With every little communication. That's why it's so important develop an internal and external communication strategy aligned with the branding strategy. From the sending and management of a press release to a publication on social networks. Absolutely everything is building your brand.

Do you have a company linked to the health sector? Do you need to know how we can help you from Uzink? Do not doubt contact us to continue sharing secrets of health branding.

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