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Ecommerce tricks to learn from Amazon

The ecommerce secrets to learn from Amazon

At Uzink we are specialized in Ecommerce Consulting. We have been helping companies, from very diverse sectors, to compete successfully on the Internet for a long time. Indeed, it is a job that requires in-depth knowledge and a highly experienced team. But above all, an innovative strategy is needed. That's why, if we had to name a company to look at, we would have to say, loud and clear… Amazon! What ecommerce tricks does this great online business giant hide?

3 ecommerce tricks we learned from Amazon

Shopping experience.

Jeff Bezos, founder of the company, has had a very clear idea since its inception: simplify the purchase process as much as possible. Thus, the web design of the Amazon online sales platform is, without a doubt, a great benchmark for its simplicity and agility. And it is that despite being one of the online stores with the most references in the world, buying is really simple.

Logistics to power.

We face a client who is more demanding every day. He wants what he has bought immediately. Precisely, this weakness of the online business, Amazon knew how to turn it into a strength and invested in logistics centers that allowed it to optimize delivery times. Such is his obsession with delivery times that, with the launch of his supermarket service, he has committed to delivering the purchase within 1 hour. 1 hour! For many people from Madrid it is almost impossible to move around the city at that time.

Who said books?

The recent news that Amazon would start operating as an online supermarket did not come as a complete surprise. we knew that Another of the company's great ecommerce tricks is its ability to anticipate changes. We all recognize the success of Kindle, its electronic book reader. We certainly did not expect less.

The list of milestones could go on. However, the greatest of Amazon's ecommerce tricks, the common denominator of all its innovations, could not be another: a clear and determined orientation to the client. En uzink we share. Only from this maxim, a good online strategy Can work.

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