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SEO agency in Madrid

We discover the secrets of SEO

SEO agency in Madrid
SEO agency

Why invest in an SEO agency?

The advantages granted by SEO positioning are very relevant. Starting with the reason in Spain it is still in the expansion phase. Which means that many companies, possibly competitors of your business, have not worked on the SEO of their websites. What would put you in first positions once you are positioning it. 

How do we optimize the SEO of your company?

As an SEO agency, we position each client's business in the search engines by combining an on-page SEO strategy, with keyword research, schemas, quality content, fulfilling Google's Core Web Vitals and making the web useful for its potential users, and SEO off page to make it relevant to Google.

Mark Zuckerberg Quotes

Visibility for your business

Every minute, 4 million people do a search on Google, how many of those will refer to your product? As you can see, it is a showcase that should not be missed with the current competition.

What does Customer Journey mean in Spanish?

trust and fidelity

Many searches respond to the first stage of the customer journey of the client and if he knows your website in this information phase, it will generate confidence and make it easier for him to remember your brand in the final phase of the purchase.

Marketing for an architecture studio

credibility and brand

70% of searches end up in one of the first three results, as users trust Google's classification. If your target audience repeatedly sees your website in the first results, they will unconsciously generate brand recognition.

SEO consulting services

What do we do in an SEO Agency?

Our SEO techniques that we carry out at Uzink follow a consistent process that begins with the foundations of the website and the business it represents and ends with the polishing of the details that make the difference.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • URL architecture
  • Content optimization
  • SEO on page
  • WPO Optimization
  • Internal/external link building

Uzink is much more than an ecommerce consulting company.

It is not essential that you know each element, but it is easy to see the logic: the first three points focus on representing both the value of the business and its structure in an intuitive and attractive way. Because the most important thing for Google is that the content of the web be useful for the user, that they do not leave your website quickly, and that they easily find what they are looking for and always written by people for people.

SEO on page and WPO is what is known as Technical SEO, focused on meeting the known factors of the Google algorithm (correct labeling, image optimization, loading speed and web performance, Core web vitals).

Finally, link building is the strategy of obtaining external links that give relevance to the web, something fundamental to the Google algorithm, and correct internal linking distributes that relevance among the pillar pages of the web.

Carrying out an SEO strategy does not have to be a headache. At our agency we have all the resources and knowledge to make this process as easy for your company to navigate, and of course, delivering the results you expect. 

In addition to ecommerce consulting. What else does Uzink contribute?

Our SEO strategy

In our SEO agency we monitor even the smallest detail of the consulting strategy to achieve results that our clients do not even expect.


We like to know the business in detail to understand what the client is looking for and wants. Together with that, we carry out an analysis of the state of the web and its analytics, to focus the strategy appropriately.


With all the necessary information, we define an SEO strategy in accordance with the nature of the business and focused on the user experience and a roadmap with the steps to follow.


During the following weeks, we precisely indicate the actions that the webmaster must carry out and we track the degree of completion and success of each action. At all times we are aware of the evolution of the web. We do not make the changes, but if you do not have a webmaster, we can assign a specialist to carry out these actions as a complement.

Analytics and monitoring
marketing services


In our Marketing consultancy we help you to know your ideal client, what their needs and behavior are, the current situation and expectations of the markets and the competition. All accompanied by strategies and actions.

branding services


There are companies that die and brands that are immortal. Give your business an identity according to its personality and attract the attention of your customers, differentiating yourself from the competition.

e-commerce consulting


We design sales funnels to capture users, convert them into customers and create loyalty campaigns to make them buy again. All this with the minimum investment required by the internet.