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To be or not to be. How to create sustainable brands

How to create sustainable brands

It is not a question of the future. Is present! The social and environmental awareness of the consumer is increasing every day and companies must be prepared to respond to their demands. In Uzink, branding experts, we look at the keys to creating sustainable brands that earn the true and lasting trust of your customers.

Consumers are already changing

Experts and studies confirm that the trend is a reality, it is global and it is happening now. According to a market research, carried out by IBM in 28 countries and in collaboration with the National Retail Federation (NRF), the importance of brand values ​​has grown substantially. In 2019, a third of people stopped buying one of their favorite brands because they lost confidence in the company.

The price or convenience are no longer the main agent in a purchase decision. Now, brand values ​​outweigh these factors. The study shows that consumers, regardless of age or purchasing power, are willing to pay more for products and services aligned with their values. 70% admit that they prefer to choose brands that are sustainable, transparent and consistent with their values, even if they are more expensive. 57% acknowledge that they are willing to change their purchasing habits to choose brands that help reduce their environmental impact. And 79% declare how important it is for them to choose brands with certifications.

How to create sustainable brands

At Uzink we help entrepreneurs and companies to make or convert their companies into sustainable brands. How do we do it?

  • We work on a strategic positioning that defines the values ​​of the company to guarantee its authenticity and competition in the market. A brand is more than a graphic identity.
  • We design a transversal action plan that brings these values ​​consistently to all areas of the company, both internally and externally. Brand values ​​are more than just marketing messages.
  • We develop a calendar with actions in which we involve the community and make the impact of our brand, in addition to being commercial, also social and environmental. From the theory to the practice.

As we said in the title of this article. Either we are sustainable or we are not.

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