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We will always have… offline marketing!

Main offline marketing actions

The Internet alone is not enough. As a marketing experts we know we need to design the right media mix that guarantees sufficient frequency and coverage to reach our audience. Nowadays, the ease and economy of online campaigns has made many companies forget offline marketing and the great opportunities it offers. Big mistake! At Uzink we want to share some of the most interesting offline marketing actions and strategies to increase brand awareness and to make our customers fall in love. Shall we start?

offline marketing strategies

Event Services

Our clients are experience seekers. They, accustomed to skipping ads whenever they can, applaud brands that surprise them with different events. This type of offline marketing actions, in addition to capturing the interest of potential customers, is also a powerful loyalty tool. This category offers infinite scenarios: from events on the street, at the point of sale or in other spaces of public interest.

creative merchandise

No one is bitter about a gift. Merchandising is a classic of offline marketing that companies have recovered from the bottom of the closet. From corporate merchandising, of lower value, ideal for permanent delivery (pens, balloons, USB's...) to seasonal advertising gifts, linked to lifestyle or technology, which can be part of promotional dynamics. We invite you to read this recent article on the new trends in corporate merchandising.

Direct Marketing

Now, when we talk about a database, it seems that there is only the email field. However, postal data is a real treasure. With closeness, personalization and creativity we can prepare really effective direct marketing actions. And it is that most people only expect to receive invoices in their mailbox. One of the offline marketing strategies that we should not miss.

Advertising in conventional media

When we talk about offline marketing, we should not forget the classic advertising media. Depending on the geographical area where our brand operates, this type of advertising can be really important. We talk about press, radio, outdoor media or, depending on the size of the brand, television. And it is that as we usually think of Uzink: eThe support is not old; the old can be focus and creativity.

En uzink, marketing consultants for companies, we have it clear. When we want to make our customers fall in love again... we will always have offline marketing!

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