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Types of mobile applications for companies: Apps for companies

Types of mobile applications for companies

When a new trend emerges, there are many who want to join at all costs. We have seen it with viral videos, social networks and, in recent times, with mobile applications. However, sometimes it is better not to jump into the pool too quickly and stop, analyze and reflect on the best way to do it. In Uzink, marketing consultants, we have prepared a simple guide to find the meaning of the mobile applications or apps for companies that we want to develop. 

Looking for a meaning… Classification of mobile applications or apps for companies.

With business sense.

We are probably facing the most obvious category of mobile applications or apps for companies. Travel agencies, comparators and all kinds of portals ecommerce they can develop a mobile application for their clients. The key must be to simplify the shopping experience Regarding your version of web design and, in addition, provide additional advantages for the user.

With a playful sense.

A brand may decide to launch a mobile application as part of an advertising or loyalty marketing action. In this sense, the apps that include concepts of Gamification. Mobile applications that offer rewards through gaming can achieve great engagement with our audience.

Informative sense.

When we talk about adding real value, apps can be a very interesting tool. Imagine that a city decides to make it easy for the visitor with a tourist guide in app format or a gardening company designs a dictionary with the most important resources for caring for its plants.

With a healthy sense.

The possibilities of mobile technology and the growing interest of the public in sports and health, place us before another issue that we can contemplate in the development of mobile applications or apss for companies. There are already many sportswear brands that offer their customers free and social apps to analyze their physical performance, join challenges with friends and family and share their experience on social networks.

With corporate sense.

There are other possibilities related to business management that can be of great value to the user. From companies that create an application for their clients to control their billing to others, such as those linked to the banking sector, that allow their clients to access a complete analysis of their personal finances.

Where are the trends pointing?

Mobile applications or apps for companies have an infinite future. The arrival of the Internet of Things is changing the scenario. For this reason, now more than ever, thinking strategically is even more urgent if we want to launch an app that adds value and achieves a clear conversion rate for our businesses.

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