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Valuable tips to rejuvenate a brand

Valuable tips to rejuvenate a brand

It is the law of life. Brands, over time, also age. There are others who are born older. Nevertheless, staying fresh, current and young is key in your branding strategy. Thats why he Uzink consultant team has put together in this article a series of valuable tips to rejuvenate a brand. Do you put them into practice?

4 Tips to rejuvenate a brand

Here are 4 valuable tips to rejuvenate a brand. It is a battery of ideas that we hope will inspire you to keep the connection with your community alive. Take a look at each of the points and analyze if you are applying it.

  1. Renew your visual identity

No matter how timeless your corporate identity is, it should be reviewed from time to time. Visual culture evolves and it is important to know when to stylize shapes, nuance colors or evolve fonts. There are cases in which a radical change is totally recommended. For many other brands, a restyling could be enough and positive. The most important thing, when we talk about rejuvenating a brand, is knowing how to analyze whether the visual identity is perceived as current by the public we are targeting and compared to other benchmark companies in your sector.

  1. Rethink your brand values

The values ​​of society evolve. Your brand should too. Although a large part of the founding values ​​of a company are still valid, they must surely be adjusted to social reality. We will find values ​​that were essential before and now have passed into the background. And others that have to occupy a greater role in strategic and creative positioning.

  1. Reactivate the visual universe of your brand

A brand is explained through the set of images that surround it. It may seem like a minor matter. However, the set of photographs and videos, their aesthetics and production, say a lot about a company. A review of these brand elements will help modernize the global image and make it truly different.

  1. Redesign your tone of voice

How your brand speaks, the language used and the tone of voice is another big issue that we must touch when we talk about valuable tips to rejuvenate a brand. A practical exercise to prove it. Listen to the vocabulary of a teenager or simply browse the trending profiles on Instagram. Could your brand have a conversation with them?

We hope that these tips to rejuvenate a brand help you understand the need to renew yourself. We already know what the other option is and we don't like it at all. If you want specialized help in branding, we invite you to continue the conversation with our team of consultants in Madrid.

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