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Your brand deserves a Brand Center

Your brand deserves a Brand Center

Are you concerned about the correct use of your brand? Do you know what a Brand Center is? In Uzink, as branding consultantsWe advise you from start to finish. Therefore, we usually recommend the creation of a Brand Center to our customers. It is a digital platform in which all the elements of the brand are detailed to guarantee correct use. At all times and in any medium.

What is a Brand Center?

Is a must have tool for brand management. Usually It is presented as a website, and may be protected with a username and password. and offer different levels of permissions. A Brand Center must include:

  • All the elements of the graphic image and their permitted uses in the same place: logo, fonts, colors or applications.
  • Fundamental applications of the brand manual: signage, design layouts, layout standards, templates...
  • Multimedia material such as images or videos.
  • Reference documents and resources to download in different professional formats.
  • Frequently asked questions about valid applications.
  • Contacts with brand managers to validate correct use.

What benefits does it have?

Your brand is usually in the hands of many professionals. We thought of everyone in the company who uses templates for presentations and offers. Also in the designers and community managers who are working with your image. And, of course, in suppliers, collaborators or partners. Therefore, having a Brand Center offers numerous advantages:

  • All your brand information, in one place, organized and accessible.
  • Easily manageable to update with the latest versions, avoiding the use of obsolete resources.
  • The items offered are of high quality and ensure a good end result in terms of quality.
  • It simplifies the work of all the agents involved.
  • An economical, safe and ecological solution.

What kind of companies need it?

Currently, all companies should have a Brand Center. However, this need becomes an essential issue for franchises or companies with different branches.

The Brand Center can be created with the construction of the brand or when it undergoes a repositioning or visual evolution. But it can also be done at any time. Without a doubt, a great exercise if we want to build a coherent and strong brand.

If you also think that your brand deserves a Brand Center, do not hesitate to ask us and we will tell you how to create it.

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: