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Latest trends to develop a Marketing Plan

Marketing trends are changing. They do it very quickly and require professionals who know how to adapt effectively to the new demands of the market. This is reflected in the latest social study CMO Survey prepared by Deloitte and published recently. At Uzink, specialized in marketing consulting, we analyze the 4 success factors to develop a Marketing Plan that every strategy director must take into account. Because now, more than ever, our goal is to build relationships and experiences focused on the consumer.

4 new success factors to develop a Marketing Plan

1. Incorporate the Big Data concept

Our consumers access different technological devices on a daily basis (from the computer, the mobile phone or the new wearables). This new trend has created a large amount of data that, properly interpreted, becomes an opportunity to create more effective marketing campaigns. The study carried out by Deloitte highlights the importance of working with this new information to design offers and build campaigns focused on smaller population groups.

2. More strategic talent

Our actions are multiplied by the growing number of channels and audiences. That's why, the innovative and creative capacity to create impressive campaigns with a global vision has become one of the fundamental factors for develop a Marketing Plan. Strategic talent is an essential quality for those responsible for marketing companies.

3. Dialogue with the client

We already have two-way channels, although many brands have not yet managed to implement a truly direct communication with their audience. Customers want to talk to brands and be heard. That's why, one of the success factors will be in creating conversations and relationships with our clients, on any channel, at all times and, moreover, with a strategic sense.

4. A new role for marketing consultants

One of the most sensitive issues, revealed by the Deloitte study, lies in the relationship between client and agency. The pressure for immediacy and results forces us to think about a new role for marketing consultants. Specialized companies have to be able to create new dynamics with our clients to get even more involved and combine talent and technology from both sides.

At Uzink we take on the challenge. The new trends highlight the importance of data interpretation, innovative vision, creating conversations and involvement between client and agency. In summary, 4 new success factors to develop a marketing plan that we must have on our work table.

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