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Branded Content: Examples of campaigns that will inspire you

Exceptions aside, the general rule is to avoid advertising. When we see the ads, our instinct is to change the channel, turn the page, close the banner or simply stop listening. For this reason, we are finding more and more examples of Branded Content. A growing trend that consists of creating valuable content for the user where the brand is fully contextualized.

What is Branded Content? Examples of what it is and what it is not

Branded Content is an advanced technique that should not be confused with traditional Product Placement. The fundamental difference is that the second consists simply of placing a product or service within a format (television, cinema, show...) that has an independent purpose. When we talk about Branded Content we refer to formats created expressly for brands. A new tool that, as experts in brand management, we have within our reach to increase notoriety, build loyalty and generate a relationship with our different public, based on knowledge and experience.

In Uzink, branding consultants, we think that nothing like some good examples of Branded Content to visualize its possibilities. Go for it!

Branded Content: Examples

The Ikea Decoration School in La Sexta

Ikea, example of Branded Content

The place of inspiration for the new decoration program of La Sexta it could not be another. Ikea is present throughout the television space. In each episode, a different decoration need arises and Ikea's team of experts offers a tailor-made solution. The name “Ikea” is not repeatedly mentioned, nor is its benefits explicitly mentioned. However, the effect on the consumer is much better. Ikea positions itself as an expert and conveys its shopping experience more effectively.

Mahou's play "Together 125 more years"

Teatro Mahou, example of Branded Content

To celebrate its anniversary, Mahou has created a play about the history of its brand developed by the theater group Yllana. This play is performed during October and November in different Spanish cities. The public, who can participate for free, will enjoy a theatrical show around the world of beer. 

Leiva's trip by Citroën

A documentary is the format chosen by Citroën to create one of the latest examples of Branded Content. A journalist and the singer Leiva are the protagonists of a trip, aboard the new DS3, in which they share experiences and compose a song.

It seems that these latest examples of Branded Content demonstrate the change in trend and how brands are becoming the new audiovisual production companies. Because it is effective, profitable and, of course, because our customer-viewer will not change the channel.

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