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Brand values: examples of brand values ​​after the pandemic

It's time to rethink. The coronavirus crisis has marked a before and after in branding strategies. Thats why he Uzink Consulting Team Analyze the brand values ​​that your company can work on to continue competing after the pandemic. It is time to reflect because many of the changes we are experiencing can last forever and put brand values ​​and examples on the table.

great brand values

The coronavirus crisis has accentuated the importance of brand values ​​in the broadest sense of the word. We talk about great values ​​linked to the humanity of the brands, their social responsibility and their commitment to the planet. The threat that the world population has suffered has made us more aware of what is important.

However, customers and employees want and expect these values ​​to be tangible. Fewer words and more concrete actions. According to a report of Edelman the 62% of consumers expect brands they trust to translate their values ​​into products and services. Close to half of employees share their opinion: 47% also trust their company to provide an effective response to the pandemic and what comes after.

It will be essential. Brands have social relevance and, therefore, they have to stand out for their humanity, responsibility towards their employees and commitment to the environment. This trio of great values ​​will no longer be the one desired to be the one expected by the consumer. It will be the DNA of the brands after the pandemic.

old brand values

We say old because they were there. Sometimes they came to seem hackneyed or empty of content. However, after a period of fear and uncertainty, they make perfect sense again.

Security and health. Safety and health for employees, for customers and for the product and service itself.

Family and the familiar. Back home, to what is close, to simple plans, to savings...

Technological and digital. A giant leap towards the normalization of technology in all areas of life.

And the new brand values: examples?

There are no examples of new brand values, we have to create them. We need to build brands that, in addition to the above, offer a new purpose in life in their consumers. Need inspiring, innovative, non-conformist and inspirational brands. We look for brands that know how to challenge and make their customers and employees grow as well as their companies. Ready to rethink?

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