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Sell ​​on the Internet

What you should know to sell on the Internet (and that nobody tells you)

Sell ​​on the Internet it is the present, the future and, for many businesses, the guarantee of survival. It's true. However, many lies have also been written. En uzink we know this because we have helped many companies that had previously carried out projects ecommerce unsuccessfully. The problem: The advice they had received was unprofessional and not in line with the rules of the game. But let's go by parts... Why Selling on the Internet is not as easy as they tell you?

The big lies of selling on the Internet

Many entrepreneurs have been bombarded with recommendations like “The only thing you need is an online store”, “From the first day you will start selling”, “The margins are very wide”, “You will only have to create a campaign in Google Ads”… Surely you have heard these messages many times, right?

These very tempting promises are radically false and have led many companies to waste their money and time in the creation of online stores that have not generated sales or visits.

The great truths of selling on the Internet

Electronic commerce in Spain grew by 52% in 2015 compared to 2013. The frequency and average expenditure increased markedly. Now, Internet users make an average of 2,8 purchases per month with an average receipt of €70. In addition, their purchases are more varied every day. Among the most demanded products we find technology, leisure, travel, fashion, food, home, footwear, accessories, sports, perfumery...

Without a doubt, the Internet is the place to grow your business. But let's not be mistaken, the Internet is a highly competitive channel and you will need something more than a simple website with an online store.

How to take advantage of the great opportunity?

To sell on the Internet, as well as to sell on the street, you need one product strategy, marketing, promotion and loyalty specific to the online channel and tailored to your company. In addition, your commercial vision must go beyond your corporate channels and seek alliances with other leading portals in your sector.

We will not tell you that it is easy and that you can do it yourself because we would lie to you. At Uzink we work with a multidisciplinary team made up of e-commerce consultantsdesigners and programmers, SEO specialists and SEM and online communication experts. A responsible team, with experience, solvency and an innovative attitude that will advise you from start to finish.

Do you want to sell on the Internet? Before taking the plunge, contact Uzink

Many of the companies that are successful today on the Internet are clients of uzink. Contact us to find out how we have done it and how we can help you.

Sell ​​on the Internet, according to uzink.

Today, there are still people with a certain fear of sell on the Internet, despite being a communication channel and sales essential for any company. It is striking that there are still companies that do not focus on this channel, and the lack of professionalization of digital structures in many companies is also striking.

We have also come across many companies that consider and treat their website or digital communication as a "commodity", when this is the showcase of any company to the world.

In the XNUMXst century, the presence of a website can make the client accept or reject a proposal, simply because of the trust that a website transmits to him (we are not only talking about sell online, but to improve your presence in front of the client). In addition, there are other “invisible” factors in the eyes of anyone who does not have specific internet knowledge: positioning, relevance, user experience... All these factors are very unknown to the market, but very important to generate traffic and sales opportunities. on your website.

Why hire Uzink for sell on the Internet?

how to sell more online

At Uzink we are aware that you cannot cover everything, that is why we can take care of the management of your digital media so that it is easier to sell on the internet:

  • Development of corporate websites: Uzink flees from generic web design and develops custom websites based on the WordPress platform. This facilitates better search engine positioning once the site is developed. In addition, WordPress is an open source platform, so if at any time you want to develop new ideas with other providers on your website, you can do it without problems. All our designs are responsive (adapted to mobile phones and tablets) and their structures are adapted for optimal search engine positioning.
  • SEO Positioning (Search Engine Optimization and search engine optimization): Getting to the top of the search engines is not an easy task. For this reason, Uzink helps you define the search terms in which to position your business in order to be in the first results, and generate traffic on your website.
  • Content generation: Increasingly, the main search engines give more importance to content, with a view to web positioning. So this point is one of the fundamental aspects for Uzink. We develop content based on search terms with high levels of traffic to generate many visits to your website.
  • Distribution: We generate visibility to your page, including it in directories and relevant sites. SMM (Social Media Marketing or Social Media Marketing): We use the SMM to generate visibility of your website on the internet, and for your website to gain relevance. We also take advantage of social networks to boost the content generated on your blog and this makes it easier for you to sell online.
  • Online brand management: IF your business works offline, Uzink can develop a parallel brand that generates leads and new sales opportunities. Thus, you will have two brands competing with each other, with a single objective: To increase your income statement.

If you need more information about Uzink's strategy for sell onlinecontact us and we will help you.

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: